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About Streetwheels Philippines

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Established in 2015, Streetwheels is a pioneering electric mobility company based in Manila, Philippines. Streetwheels Philippines is the official distributor of the INOKIM, ZERO, EPIQUE, DYU etc. and many other brands of electric scooters and electric bikes

Streetwheels’ mission is to spread the passion and knowledge of electric scooters and electric mobility devices to the masses. Our philosophy follows: why move people in big chunky tin cans that pollute when you can zip around in clean electric 2 wheelers?

Streetwheels’ flagship product is the Inokim which was the best selling e-scooter in the Philippines in 2014 and we are the pioneering authorized distributor of the ZERO Scooters. In line with our philosophy with bringing the masses including the young and old towards a more electric future, we began to introduce lighter, simpler models. 

About the INOKIM Series 

The INOKIM QUICK Series by the Israeli MYWAY company is widely considered to be the most successful electric scooter in the market. Many copycats have spawned from the original design and construction of the Inokim escooter. Read about how to tell the difference between the original and a copycat Inokim.

The first series of the Inokim, the MYWAY, was developed in 2009 by Nimrod Sapir, an Israeli industrial designer and the founder of the MYWAY company. In 2015, an improved version of the MYWAY, the INOKIM Quick 2 heralded the rise in the mass adoption of the last mile solution for commuters, aiding thousands of commuters everyday in avoiding the endless traffic jams and saving them thousands of dollars in cab fares.

The Quick 3 is the culmination of continuous improvement and relentless testing. It builds on the award-winning Quick series to deliver the improved high quality performance in the same lightweight package. Having been road tested for the last 8 years, no other electric scooter comes close to the reliability and performance of the INOKIM. This is one escooter truly made for the hard knocks of daily road usage but is designed so exquisitely that it fits in the hippest of surroundings.