The Inokim OXO
Last September 2018. The Inokim OX first arrived in the Philippines. I actually wrote about it and it’s in the Files area of EKSPH. I initially wanted to update the article but on second thought I think it deserves it’s own article and initial impressions.
Here’s the article about the Inokim OX.
So now it’s July 2019 and a full 5 months after word got out of the OXO.
The Inokim OXO is a new addition to the Inokim line of electric kick scooters. It’s development was initially undertaken by the Russian dealer of Inokim to address requirements needed by their market for a more robust OX that can handle more demanding environments such as Russian winters. When the world got wind of their developments I guess the demand for it took them by surprise as it was NOT available as a regular Inokim product and it probably overwhelmed Inokim themselves when customers asked for the OXO. In fact prior to the release of the test rides of the unit, we had serious doubts Inokim would ever make a dual hub scooter.
This new module adds another controller to the OX frame enabling it to run another hub.
The OXO also differs that aside from dual hubs (2 x 1000W) it also sports a standard sing/dual hub switch on the handlebar. Here’s Tim Vargas having a go going flat out in the Inokim OXO.
Speed Test of Inokim OXO
Tim Vargas (EKSPH Founder) hit around 61kph on the LCD and a GPS speed of around 57kph. We expect this to go higher as we literally just rode it out of the box and haven’t really messed with the parameters or even fully charged the unit. Time was a factor because there is so little information on the OXO except in Russia. When I had a go at it, you don’t get a tire screeching demon we know in Dualtrons. Inokim is known for their smooth acceleration as safety triumphs over raw performance. This is a dual hub scooter you KNOW can go fast but will do so without requiring the skill level it takes months for a DT rider to master to ride safely. Indeed if I had to give a Dual Hub scooter to a newbie, I would choose this one if I didn’t want sleepness nights worrying if he/she crashed it and got hurt due to his inexperience.
The single arm swingarm of the OX and OXO are one of it’s controversial design feature. Others may have tried to imitate it, but none have succeeded implementing it so well. It doesn’t feel squirrely or unstable yet offers a real plus in terms of maintenance when one inevitably needs to service the inner tubes or tires.
Also of note is Inokim has a preference to use thumb style throttles similar to the Xiaomi Mijia M365 so those who prefer it will easily find it easier to upgrade to the OX or OXO.
The OXO also features hydraulic brakes too so you have confidence to stop faster.
car suddenly came out during my speed run
If you watch the video I actually locked the hubs in the last 10 meters while maintaining control. I was able to comfortably keep the scooter upright and not fishtail. Partly experience but since this is my first time I have to give credit to a sound design of Inokim. I too was able to hit 61 on the LCD and a GPS speed of around 58kph (I weight 65 Kg).
Everything else on the OXO is the same as the OX so you get the sexy design (no imitations) and worldwide brand and industry leading design. And since the OX has been around for a year, we have not received any serious issues with the OX frame and it’s reliability. Hence I expect no difference and continued good performance and support.
My only comment to Inokim if they read this is I wish they offered the OXO in a different color vs the standard OX to differentiate it. It will make it’s owners prouder to have the newer model. Also if they want to further brand loyalty, I hope they can offer a retrofit kit for OX to allow those owners to add dual-hubs as from my inspection, the frame is the same.
It’s now available at and it’s SRP is P 130,000.00
Thank you to Nicko Manalo and Grace Oracion for letting us try the Inokim OXO as soon as it arrived in the Philippines!