The Inokim OX now in the Philippines (at last!)

Author: Dave Deluria (EKSPH MEMBER)

Tonight was a special night at HQ. Sir Nicko Manalo and ma'am Grace Oracion from graced us with the Inokim OX which is one of my most eagerly awaited electric scooters.
Initial Impressions: A+
Just looking at it is awe inspiring. We were looking at an undisputed original design that flows from the front wheel to the seemingly one piece deck that makes the viewer follow it's lines all the way to the tail and rear wheel. There's so many visual eye candy on this scooter but it's balanced so one doesn't stop to ogle at one part of the scooter. You want to step back and just admire it as a whole. It was eerie where all of us just stared at it for minutes without talking as if admiring a piece of art.
Molded Deck! No more grip tapes that turn yucky
Riding Impressions: B
After patiently waiting for what seemed like an eternity. I stepped on the deck and rode off. This is definitely NO wheel spinning, concrete eating speed machine. It's a refined ride that is similar to your Dad's luxury car, it starts slow and gets up to speed briskly but NEVER intrusive. No need to flex your muscles to hold on to dear life from the torque but it's like a controlled acceleration to ensure comfort and stability. It's whisper quiet 800W motor and the solid construction ensured you could really sneak up on anyone in absolute silence as you suddenly pass anyone at it's rated top speed (I guess 45kph). Inokims are renowned for it's quality and this one continues that legacy. No creaks, no squeaks.
Ergonomics and Comfort: A
The controls use a thumb throttle and uses a front drum brake complimented with a rear mechanical disc brake. It's quite good and can comfortably lock the wheels when braking hard. I actually locked the wheels on purpose coming from a hard run and I was able to easily control it with no tendency to whip out.
Turbine Front Wheel Hub design is Amazing!
Suspension wise, it was excellent. The single swing arm design is risky but as predicted, Inokim pulled if off. I don't trust other manufacturers to make a single arm suspension.
In terms of suspension performance I rate it about nearly the same as the UCM cruise BUT even though it weighs nearly what the DT raptor weighs, it seems "lighter". Folding it was also effortless and the stem attaches to the rear step easily and you can lift it straight up and carry it up stairs.
Value: B-
Value is always subjective but for me looking at the construction quality of the Inokim OX, you know you are getting a quality product. In the Philippines the Inokim scooters are known to be reliable and the brand carries with it an accepted upmarket reputation which is well-deserved.
This is a single hub scoot that I think it's nearest competitor currently is the UCM Cruise so priced at nearly 30% more it will never be inexpensive. I also don't expect a Tag Hueur watch to cost the same as a Seiko so I think it's a fair price for one.
Man this thing is pretty!
Would I get one?
Definitely! Every passionate scooter aficionado wants a nice selection of scooters for every occasion and the Inokim OX is something I would like to ride if I needed both comfort AND not having to hold the handlebars with a death grip to not get thrown off from the torque. It's something you just wanna ride to enjoy and know that everyone will look at you and know you have good taste and enjoy fine things.