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About StreetWheels Philippines

Established in 2015, Streetwheels is a pioneering electric scooter company based in Manila, Philippines. Streetwheels Philippines is the official distributor of the Inokim, ZERO, EPIQUE, DYU and many other brands of e-scooters and electric bikes.

Streetwheels’ mission is to spread the passion and knowledge of electric scooters and electric mobility devices to the masses.

Our philosophy follows: why move people in big chunky tin cans that pollute when you can zip around in clean electric 2 wheelers? In line with our philosophy with bringing the masses including the young and old towards a more electric future, we began to introduce lighter, simpler models.

Our Brands

Practical Partner: The Epique City Bike


Ladies! Here are the Best E-Scooters For You

Ladies! Here are the Best E-Scooters For You

Gone are the days when riding an electric scooter is a guy’s thing. Women and girls are starting to realise the convenience of a personal electri...
5 Things that Compromise an E-Scooter Range

5 Things that Compromise an E-Scooter Range

The purpose of an electric scooter (or escooter) is to get you from place to place. Naturally, how far the scooter can go is an important feature. However, the range is often the feature most often complained by riders less to be than advertised. Why is that consistently so?

The range of electric scooters is affected by more external factors than any other performance feature.

The short answer is that the stated range of an escooter is usually the range achievable in IDEAL conditions. This is not a ploy to over-market or short-change the scooter buyer. The manufacturer has to control the conditions for range testing and specify them in order to publish range information that is meaningful.

Launch of the ZERO e-scooter series

Launch of the ZERO e-scooter series

The ZERO series represent a simple yet powerful message: ZERO Emissions.

With a budget to match that simplicity, the ZERO electric scooters follow a signature black, white and red colour theme, and their design are as eye-catching as they are impressive in performance.

The ZERO series is every e-scooter rider’s dream. It checks every box that both a newbie and a seasoned scooter rider would desire in their electric ride…

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